Cargo Body

Capacity from 2 tons to 15 tons with different dimensions to suit chassis and the application

Low Bed Trailers

With different capacities from 20 ton till 120 tons

Spring or Hydraulic Rear Ramps

Drop deck or straight deck

Standard goose neck or foldable hydraulic goose neck

Flat Bed Trailers

40 feet with twist locks to suit ISO containers

60 tons

Skeleton trailers – Container transport terminal trailers



Bitumen Asphalt Ranks on Rigid Chassis and Trailers

Recovery Trucks and Wreckers 

We are distributors of Miller Industries USA (Century - Champion – Chevron)

Capacity starts from 5 tons , 16 tons till 45 tons

We do mounting in Kuwait or Qatar and UAE branches and we handle warranty and after sales service

Cement Bulk Carrier Trailers